Shin'yō -class Japanese suicide boat 1:56 (28mm)

A resin model of Shin'yo-class suicide motorboat developed during the Secon World War as a part of the Japanese Special Attack Units program.

Made from P.U. resin, unpainted. Figures not included.

Approximate weight: 30g

Length : 3.54 inches (9cm), Width (of the hull): 1.10 inches (2,8cm)

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The SHINYO was a fast motorboat driven by one man.

More than 6000 of these suicide boats were produced 200 for the Imperial Japanese Navy and 3000 for the ARMY.

Loaded with explosives in the bow, it was difficult to hit as it approached at high speed toward the American ships.

Image source Wikipedia

The Shinyo was tested in the summer of 1944 and rushed into production with the first units be deployed with minimal training in September 1944. Units had a standard complement of 55 explosive boats (one had 68 and later units only 25) and about 190 people and pilots received just three months training. The modus operandi was for the explosive boats to be hidden in caves or tunnels and launched into the water on rails, from where they’d assemble en-masse just off the flank of the invading force. They would then attack as a swarm, thus maximizing their chances of overwhelming the enemy. Bringing up the rear of the flotilla would be the two-man command boats (Shinyo Type-5) which would observe the attack and give supporting fire using a 13.2mm heavy machinegun before commencing its own kamikaze attack. Planners expected about 10% of the craft to hit their targets, but in the face of defensive fire, the results were much lower with only nine US vessels succumbing to them with the largest being the USS Hutchins, a 2,000 ton destroyer which was damaged on 27th April 1945.


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