Daihatsu class landing craft 1:56 (28mm)

 1:56 (28mm) different variant of Daihatsu Landing craft.

Length: 10.75 inches (27,5cm), Width (of the hull): 2.75 inches (7cm), Height: 2.5 inches (4cm)

Resin model supplied with two PLA (3d Printed) ramps (closed and open)

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Daihatsu-class landing craft

The Daihatsu-class landing craft design, short for okata hatsudo kitei (large motorized boat; the leading "o" changes to "dai" when taken apart from the rest of word), was developed by the Japanese Army to deliver troops and supplies onto beaches. The bow of these landing craft were hinged and could be lowered as ramps. Each of these 21-ton craft could carry one light tank, 70 men, or 10 tons of general cargo. They were constructed of metal, and were powered by diesel engines. 3,229 examples were ordered by the Japanese Army.

Source: Wikipedia

Daihatsu Landing Craft

From Characteristics of Japanese Naval Vessels - Landing Crafts (US Naval Technical Mission to Japan, February 1946)

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