Japanese Armored Boat AB-Tei / Type C Landing Craft / Gunboat 1:56 (28mm)

 1:56 (28mm)

Length: 10.75 inches (28,5cm), Width (of the hull): 3.25 inches (8cm), Height: 2.35 inches (6cm)

Resin model supplied with several PLA (3d Printed) parts: weapons (3); shutters (9) and cleats (6).

AB-Tei Deck Plan

T(Tank and LCM3 are shown for size comparison purposes and are NOT included in the price)


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Armored Boat AB-Tei/Gunboat Type C

AB-Tei is a fire-support wooden vessel for the landing operation. It has three turret and each turret is equipped with one 57mm tank gun or one twin 7.7mm MG. Turrets and the steering house are covered with 6mm-thick armor.

AB-Tei was used for the landing operation and patrol in China and in the Pacific War, and some units saw action against the US PT Boats in SW Pacific.

IntrAB-Tei Gunboat Type C Japanese

Ab-Tei Japanese Gunboat

Introduced Year : 1927

Type C Landing Craft

(Source http://www.ww2f.com/topic/15364-gunboats-and-monitors/page-4)

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