BK-2 (or Type D) Soviet Riverine Gunboat 1:56 (28mm)

1:56 (28mm)

Created by Alf Comps for Barrage Miniatures.

Length : 6.5 inches (16,5cm), Width : 1.75 inches (5,5cm), Height: 1.25 inches (3,5cm)

Resin model with white metal DhsK (for the WWII version), unpainted.

Tank and figure NOT INLCUDED.


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BK-2 (or Type D) Soviet Riverine Gunboat

After analyzing the experience of combats in 1914, the High Command of the Russian army concluded that it was necessary to create a specifically l designed fleets to be deployed in the riverine areas near the front. These boats would be used to gather intelligence, deliver supplies and provide combat support to troops fighting nearby.

It was decided to immediately begin construction of a fleet of armored boats. In 1915 the High Command proposed to built no later than fall of 1915 three small specially constructed gunboats, six armored boats (in russian, "Bronekater") for conducting reconnaissance, and guard boats for each of the three riverine combat zones.

BK2 Soviet Gunboat

In addition to limited manufacturing capabilities in Russia at that time , the complex requirements for boat speed, artillery equipment, and small size were too difficult for the Russian engineeres to solve.

The Russians looked for foreign manufacturers. The European shipyards - which usually completed orders for the Russian fleet - were booked beyond capacity and failed to supply their own fleets, so the the only other option was to work with the United States, a country that was not involved in the war at that time .The contract for manufacturing of 18 armored boats was signed with Mullins & Co, Salem, OH guaranteeing the completion of the project until the end of 1916.

BK2 gunboatCrew 

Dispacement: initial 6,5 tons; full (1933) 10 t 
Length 9,21or 9,5 m ; Width 2,15 - 2,47 м

Maximum height from the water level to the top of the turret, - 1.52m

Draft, м: designed - 0.61; real ( 1933) - 0.85 potqvane

Speed 11 knots

Armour 6-7 mm. 

Armament: initially one 7,62-mm Maxim machine gun in the turret; then 37-mm Hochkiss cannon added, that cannon was replaced by 12,7-mm DshK machine gun later. 

Engine initially Sterling G 85 hp, then replaced by 100 hp ones.

Colors: red to waterline, gray shades above waterline. The BK(БК, БРОНЕКАТЕР) identification letters and number are on the board white

These riverine armored boats was used in combats in the WWI, the Civil war, the war in Poland and the WWII, under the designation of type D.

More info and ideas about scenarios for these boats at Forum AxisHistory.

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