Second World War German Leichtes Sturmboot 39 (Marine Version) 1:56 (28mm)

Created by Alf Comps for Barrage Miniatures.

Length: 4.33 inches (11cm), Width: 1.18 inches (3cm), Height: 0.39 inches (1cm)

Resin model with 3D Printed outboard motor.

Figures and vehicles NOT included.

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Second World War German Leichtes Sturmboot 39  (Marine) 1:56 (28mm)

The Leichtes Sturmboot 39 was a small, high-powered assault craft used for river and small waterway crossings and assaults. They were also employed on security and anti-partisan patrols along river ways in occupied territories. Leichtes Sturmboot 39 were transported into battle by most German construction and assault engineer units and were used to spearhead river and small waterway assaults, usually in conjunction with an attempt to form a bridgehead for the construction of a bridge. 

Stumboot 39 (Marine)

This improved version was able to operate at sea, and it was used in the Operation Beowulf to capture several islands (Muhu [Moon], Saarema [Ösel] and Hiiuma [Dagö]) in Letonia, being this teh first time this kind of boot were used in a marine landing.

Some units were sent to the Mediterranean Sea to join the forces that should invade Malta, but when the operation was cancelled, these units were sent to Russiam, while others were deployed in several bases of South Europe (Albania, Yugoslavia) to fight the partisans or to patrol the rivers and lakes in the occupied territories.

At the end of the war, they were used to evacuate civilians and troops away from the advancing Red Army.

Sturmboot 39 (Marine)

Pictures from Forum. Axishistory

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