Russian log house 1:56 (28mm)

A highly detailed model of Russian traditional home (izba), made from P.U resin.

The door and the windows can be opened/closed if desired. The roof lifts off to allow internal access. Very detailed interior, floor and wooden stove. Figures not included.

Size:  12cm (4.72in) X 8cm (3.14in) X 5.4cm (2.12in)

Height with roof 12cm (4.72in). Approx.  weight  310g.

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1:56 scale model of Russian traditional house

This 28mm model is inspired by the izba , a traditional log-house in rural areas of north-eastern Europe and Siberia.The model has interior details and a typical Russian stove inside which can be fixed in order to limit the roof’s position. The kit is delivered completely assembled and ready to paint (also  available wargame quality painted). This model makes the perfect addition to any 28mm scale diorama or wargames terrain. 

 The exterior of these dwellings are very often embellished by architectural features like window frames, shutters, gables and barge boards. Carved window frames were the peasant’s version of expensive masonry decor. 

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