Japanese Fortifications: Steel Pillbox, 28mm (1:56)

Resin model of pyramid-shaped steel pillboxes of Japanese defense on Betio Island.

Made from P.U. resin, unpainted. Figures not included.

Size: 9cm X 9cm (3.54’’ X 3,54’’), Height: 5cm (1.96’’)

Approximate weight: 60g

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10.50 €


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A unique feature of Japanese fortifications on Betio at Tarawa was the presence of prefabricated steel pillboxes left over from the Russo-Japanese War. These were hexagonal in plan, measured about 9' (2.7m) across the bottom and tapered to the top, and were just over 8' (2.4m) high. They had double walls 0.25" (6mm) thick with the layers spaced a foot (30 cm) apart and the space filled with sand. They were used as company command posts but also housed two heavy machine guns.

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