Büssing A5P Heavy Armoured Car 1:56 (28mm)

Resin  model kit (scale 1:56, suitable for 28mm wargames). of the Büssing armoured car used by the German Army during the Great War

Created by Alf Comps for Barrage Miniatures.

The model needs to be assembled and painted. When assembling, it is sometimes necessary to fill small seams or gaps with putty.

Length: 6 inches (18cm), Width of the hull: 1.75 inches (4,45cm), Height: 2.3 inches (6cm)

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    Büssing A5P Heavy Armoured Car(1916)

    The Büssing company received its first orders of military vehicles in 1910, producing artillery tractors and supply trailers. In November 1914, Bussing was requested to develop an armoured car with all-wheel drive. This vehicle used a 'double-ended' layout that could at least pose a tactically useful high ground clearance. In 1916, the A5P began production.  It had a large steel armoured body and was crewed by 10 men. Six of them operated three 7.92 mm machine guns, usually the MG 08 or MG 15 A. Some vehicles even received two 20 mm cannon. The A5P served in Ukrania and on the Romanian Campaign of 1916 as the Panzerkraftwagen-Mg-Abteilung 1. It was produced in very limited numbers.

    Büssing German Armored Car

    It was a really huge vehicle... Length: 31.17 feet (9.50 m), Width: 6.89 feet (2.10 m), Height: 11.4 feet (3.5 m)

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