French Indian War Log Cabin (B) 1:56 (28mm)

Small log house inspired by pictures and drawings of traditional log buildings in North America

Made from P.U. Resin

Size:  11.5cm X 7.7cm X 4.5 cm. Height with roof 8.5 cm. Approx. weight  200 gr.

The set  needs to be assembled and painted. When assembling, it is sometimes necessary to fill small seams or gaps with putty.

This model is also  available assembled and wargame quality painted.

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French Indian War Log Cabin 1:56 (28mm)

Log buildings inspired by pictures and drawings of the period.

Traditional log buildings in North America

America’s first log cabins were built almost 400 years ago.

Log cabins have been constructed as houses and shelters for much longer in Europe, and when Europeans began to settle in America they brought their skilled craftsmanship and traditions with them.

In particular, it was the Finnish and the Swedes who built the first American Log Cabins.

The log cabin was suited to early settlers because of the vast amount of forestry, and the ease of building a log cabin.

It wasn’t long before the technique was picked up by other settlers such as the Scots, Irish and Germans.

Most of the very first log cabins, as you’ll see below, were very simple structures compromising of a single room, with one door and usually no windows.

Source: Log cabin hub

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