French Indian War Log Church 1:56 (28mm)

A model of Log church typical for the early settlers in America. The set  is already assembled. Sometimes it may be necessary to fill small seams or gaps with putty. The door can be opened and closed.

Made from P.U. Resin

Size:  11.5cm X 7.7cm X 4.5 cm. Height with roof 13 cm. Approx. weight  220 gr.

The model is availabe also wargame quality painted.

All orders of 150€ will have free shipping.

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French Indian War Log Church 1:56 (28mm)

Log buildings inspired by pictures and drawings of the period of the first pioneers in America. Most of the very first log cabins were simple structures compromising of a single room, with one door and usually no windows. If windows were cut in the walls, they would have used animal skins or boards which would slide across to keep drafts out. Barrage Miniatures' log church has a window frames in order to make the model suitable for different periods. The interior frame can be cut if desired. This model is painted with Vallejo model colors.

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