Light SEAL Support Craft - LSSC 1:72 (20mm)

1:72 Light SEAL Support Craft - LSSC (20mm)

Length: 4.72 inches (12,5cm), width (of the hull): 2.08 inches (5.3cm).

Resin model with removable cockpit. Contains 3 resin pieces (hull, deck and radar dome), unpainted.

The set needs to be assembled and painted. This model is also available in 1:56 scale.

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Beam: 9.5 feet
Draft: 1.5 feet 
Propulsion: 2 Ford 427 gasoline engines, 350 hp, 2 Jacuzzi water pumps
Crew: 3 + 6 SEALs Weapons: 2 single 7.62mm mg and 1 .50 BMG

Light SEAL Support Craft - LSSC

This boat entered service in 1968. It was built by Grafton Boatworks and it was used by the SEAL teams during the Vietnam War.

Light SEAL Support Craft (LSSC) 

Displacement: 5 tons
Length: 24 feet

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Indochina War



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