Light SEAL Support Craft - LSSC 1:56 (28mm)

1:56 Light SEAL Support Craft - LSSC (28mm)

Created by Alf Comps for Barrage Miniatures.

Length: 6.5 inches (6,5cm), Width (of the hull): 2.5 inches (6,5cm), Height: 1.8 inches (4,5cm)

The cockpit is removable.

Contains four resin pieces (hull, deck and radar dome) and a piece of wire (the mast of the radar dome). The set needs to be assembled and painted. When assembling, it is sometimes necessary to fill small seams or gaps with putty.

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Light SEAL Support Craft - LSSC

This boat entered service in 1968. It was built by Grafton Boatworks and it was used by the SEAL teams during the Vietnam War.

Crew: 3 + 6 SEALs


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