Grassy warmat

All grassy mats are custom painted and after your order we will contact you for more details about the colors you prefer. Based on our experience we use tree basic color schemes: prairie green, Vietnam /jungle and prairie fall.

For custom size, specific color details and long grass mats, please send us an e-mail.


More details

217.80 €

  • 150x200cm (4' 11.1" x 6' 6.7")
  • 200x300cm (6' 6.7" x 9' 10.1")
  • Without Duffle Bag (-10%)
  • With Duffle Bag


More info

The Grassy mat

is made from faux and painted with Vallejo acrylic paint. The opposite side is  covered with thermoadhesive nonwoven textile. Based on our experience, we think  the short length grass works better and is suitable both for 15 and 28mm (we never recommend long-grass mats for individual bases smaller than 25mm because in the slopes, the figures may turn over).

The standard width is 150 cm and  In case that the terrain is wider than the standard, the union is stitched (hand sewed) and reinforced for additional support .

Every warmat can be purchased with a custom made duffle bag for easy transportation.This bag will be useful for these gentlemen-wargamers who use the public transport. If you have enough space for storage we recommend to store the mat rolled up.

To keep the warmat in best condition gently shake it or use soft-bristled brush to remove dust or debris and smooth the terrain. You may sparingly spray it with solution of water with few drops of fabric softener before brushing. For spot cleaning you may use foam based products for carpet cleaning. Washing should be avoided.

Special conditions

All warmats are crafted by hand in our studio in Madrid. We only accept 4-6 orders each month.

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