Snow warmat

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242.00 €

  • 150x200cm (4' 11.1" x 6' 6.7")
  • 200x300cm (6' 6.7" x 9' 10.1")

More info

These warmats are made from canvas and are covered with flexible and textured polymer coat. Finishing touches are added with pigments and dry brushing. Prolonged exposure to sunlight should be avoided since the UVA rays may damage the acrylic paint and change the color to bright blue. Additional White paint (acrylic Vallejo) may be applied if needed.

It is recommended to store it in PVC tube or pipe when not in use.  Althouth the warmat is flexible and will recover shape if accidently bent, it is best to avoid folding it for long periods of time. If you need to remove small permanent folds it can be ironed, but ONLY on the reverse side.

Special conditions

All warmats are crafted by hand in our studio in Madrid. We only accept 4-6 orders each month.

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