British MOIR Pillbox, 28mm (1:56)

Resin model with lift off roof of British iron/concrete machine gun shelter used during the First World War.

Size: inside diameter 4cm (1,57 in)

Height with roof 4,6 cm (1,81 in).

Approximate weight: 25g

Made from P.U. resin, unpainted, without ground texture and without flocking.

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British HMG Pillbox

This type of concrete dug-in guard post  is in effect a trench firing step hardened to protect against small-arms fire and grenades and raised to improve the field of fire.

Pillboxes or blockhouses were miniature forts developed by the German army to give their trench lines extra strength. The term pillbox was used by the British soldiers because the reinforced concrete construction was the same shape as the boxes in which chemists supplied tablets during the war. The word was hyphenated until the Second World War

There are about a dozen Moirs still existing in France and Belgium

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