Panzer Nest , 28mm (1:56)

Resin model set of the Second World War German mobile MG bunker.

Made from P.U. resin, unpainted. Set of two.

Size: 2,8cm(1.10in) X 2,8cm (1.10in) X 3,5cm (1.37in).

Approximate weight: 30g

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The Panzer nest (in German meaning “an armoured nest” ) is a  mobile steel pillbox  designed for the MG-34 or MG-42.

The gun was operated by two gunmen - one of them was shooting and the other was watching the battlefield. The surveillance was performed through the periscopes. The openings for the periscopes are situated on top of the pillbox and are closed with the gate valves .


The gun was mounted on a special bracket and could be moved freely on a horizontal semi-circular board. The zone of fire is 60 degrees. The ammunition supply was arranged on the shelves below the machine gun in the front part of the pillbox. The entrance to the pillbox was a small door in the rear, 50 x 60 cm in size.

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