LCA British Landing Craft Assault 1:56 (28mm)

 1:56 (28mm) 

Created by Alf Comps for Barrage Miniatures.

Length (closed): 8.26in (21cm), Width (of the hull): 2.36 in (6cm), Height: 2 in (3,5cm)

Approximate weight: 155g

Resin model supplied with PLA (3d Printed) parts and ramp.

Figures not included.

The model is accurate, but we made small changes to make it more playable, modifying slightly the size of the cargo bay and pilot and commander stations.


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30.86 €


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Thorneycroft LCA British Landing Craft Assault 

The prototype was designed in 1939 by, John I. Thornycroft Ltd. Woolston, Hampshire, England to act as a troop transporter. The Hull was flat bottom and made of plywood. It allowed to dock closest to the dry sand. Armor plates could be added to ensure the good resistance of the landing craft.

Prior to July 1942, these craft were referred to as "Assault Landing Craft" (ALC), but "Landing Craft; Assault" (LCA) was used thereafter to conform with the joint US-UK nomenclature system.

 The LCA was used by British and Canadian troops during the Normandy Landing, but also by the American Rangers troops and some other units (at the Pointe du Hoc).

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