Moku Daihatsu-class landing craft 1:56 (28mm)

 1:56 (28mm)

A model of the  Moku Daihatsu Class or 15m landing craft  used by the Imperial Japanese Army during the World War II.

Length: 8.66 inches (22cm), Width (of the hull): 2.24 inches (5,7cm), Height: 0.78 inches (2cm)

Made from P.U. resin, unpainted.

The model is supplied with two ramps (closed and open). Figures not included.


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Moku Daihatsu-class landing craft

The Moku Daihatsu was a plywood  version of Daihatsu, similar to the Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel (LCVP), with a bow ramp that was lowered on hitting the beach.Developed in late '42 due to the steel shortage, it was powered by two 60hp kerosene engines. 1150 ordered by the IJN.

Source: Wikipedia

The Japanese army started development of landing craft in 1924. All types should also be used by IJN

and as the navy had the necessary technical backgrounds development was done in cooperation with

IJN. The army needed two types of landing craft:

1. Boats specialized on cargo/supply transport

2. Boats specialized on equipment transport


In 1927 a cargo craft became ready for production. It was named "Army SB-C type" or "Shohatsu"

(Sho-Hatsudo-Tei = small engine boat).

In 1930 a larger landing craft became ready for production. It was named army LB-D type or

"Daihatsu" (Dai-Hatsudo-Tei = large engine boat).

A wooden model of the Daihatsu was developed in late ’42 and introduced. It was named "Mokusei

Daihatsu" (short: Moku Daihatsu; "wooden Daihatsu").

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