Second World War German Pionierlandungsboot 41 1:56 (28mm)

A resin model of the large German landing craft ( großes Pionier-Landungsboot 41 (gr. Labo 41) 

Length: 12 inches (33cm), Width: 4.2 inches (10,5cm), Height: 2.3 inches (6cm)

Aprox. weight 

Made from P.U. resin, unpainted.  Figures and vehicles not included.

Pionierlandungsboot 41 plan

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Second World War German Pionierlandungsboot  41  1:56 (28mm)

The improved Pionierlandungsboot 41 was designed and built in 1942 in series.


Pionierlandungsboot 41

Some technical details about the PLB 41:
Length: 19,30 m 
Beam: 5,93 m
Displacement: (empty) 35 tons; up to 75 tons loaded
Engine: 2 Deutz SA 6M with 120 PS
Speed: 19 km/h
Armament: one 2cm AA gun
Capacity: one 40 ton tank, 150 troops; 20 up to 40 tons of cargo.

The Pi.LaBo 41 was used in most of the war theatre: Mediterranean, Aegean, Adriatic, Black and Baltic seas to resupply the German garrisons or evacuate their forces. 

Source: Lexikon der Wehrmacht

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