Dutch barge 1:56 (28mm)

A small flat bottomed cargo barge (like the Kempenaar or Spits) for carrying inland freight along the European rivers and canals.

Length: 18.89 inches (48cm), Width: 3.93 inches (10cm), Height with cabin: 2.75 inches (7cm)

Aprox. weight 510g

Made from P.U. resin, unpainted.  Figures, vehicle and coal not included.

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50.00 €


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Kempenaar and Spits

A Kempenaar can carry cargoes of about 400 to 600 tons and is 55 meters long and 6.60 m wide.

A Spits can carry cargoes of about 250 – 400 tons and has 39m length and 5.05 m width.

Both vessels have a maximum draft of 2.50 meters.

The transport activities covered The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, mainly on the Rhine and the canals to northern Germany. 


During World War II, when Germany had plans for an invasion of England, these vessels were, in the eyes of the occupier, well suited for a conversion into landing craft. For this reason many vessels of this type were confiscated and were sailed to Groningen pending the so-called "koppen". For this operation the stem would be removed and fitted with a large hatch to enable military vehicles to board the ship. Fortunately, this plan was canceled and at the end of the war the ships were picked up again by their registered owners.

Source: Battle of the Bulge https://www.britannica.com/event/Battle-of-the-Bulge

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